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California Belgian Malinois Dogs for Adoption
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Urgent: This animal could be euthanized if not adopted soon.

Rescue Me ID: 17-04-26-00381Jack (male)

Belgian Malinois    Age: Puppy

Personality: High Energy, Somewhat Dominant 
Health: Needs to be Neutered, Vaccinations Current 

    his name Jack he is 15 months old. He needs to be socialized and trained. He is a great dog but we can no longer keep him. He needs a new home. He is currently at the Carlsbad animal shelter and will be released euthanized any day after 4/29/2017.

     Animal Location:

San Diego County Valley Center, CA MAP IT!

Paul Perez 619 739-0965

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Rescue Me ID: 17-04-25-00498ANIMAL (female)

Belgian Malinois Mix    Age: Young Adult

Health: Spayed 

    Animal, just 5 years old, is one of the most loving dogs I have ever encountered. She can be a little skittish around strangers, which makes her a great protector, but needs to be introduced to new friends slowly. Once she knows you, you're best friends for life. She does play a little too rough for smaller children, though and needs a little time meeting new dogs as well. Animal knows how to sit, lay down, stay, and come. She is not food aggressive, but very treat motivated. She is easy to train if you have the time. She is current on all vaccines, and is in great health. Animal loves to play and lounge around in the yard, but should be ... (Read More)kept on leash when outside a fenced area (she just can't help chasing squirrels). We are moving to an apartment that is too small, and doesn't allow dogs. We love her deeply, and need to find her a new home. *courtesy post* (Less)

     Animal Location:

Los Altos, CA 94024 MAP IT!

Brooke W

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Animal ID: TriggerTrigger (male)

Belgian Malinois Mix    Age: Young Puppy

Compatibility: Good with Most Dogs 
Personality: Average Energy, Average Temperament 
Health: Neutered, Vaccinations Current 

    Trigger is a 5 month old Belgian shepherd mix. He is smart, loving, and loyal, but needs a little time to introduce himself to new people. He is playful with other dogs, and his family. Once he trusts a new friend he was his tail and comes running to see them. His adoption fee is 400, covers neuter, chip, all vaccines including rabies, deworm, vet check, and adoption kit has food, treats, toy, collar and more

 Adoption Fee: $400 Animal Location:

Orange County Anaheim/Hesperia, CA 92804 MAP IT!

Save My Tail, inc 7147919928

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Animal ID: XenaXena (female)

Belgian Malinois Mix    Age: Young Puppy

Compatibility: Good with Most Dogs, Good with Kids and Adults 
Personality: Average Energy, Average Temperament 
Health: Spayed, Vaccinations Current 

    Xena is a gorgeous malinois shepherd mix. She is great with other dogs, and is incredibly smart. We are looking for a home that can be patient with her, because it takes her a little while to open up to new people, but once she does, she bonds very closely with them. She is alert, vocal when there's something going on (strangers outside the gate, knocking on the door) but mellow and observant the rest of the time. Adoption fee 400 All shots, chip, vet exam, deworming, spay included Adoption kit contains food, treats, toy, collar and more

 Adoption Fee: $400 Animal Location:

Orange County Anaheim/Hesperia, CA 92804 MAP IT!

Save My Tail, inc 7147919928

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Rescue Me ID: 17-03-30-00622Mia (female)

Belgian Malinois    Age: Young Adult

Compatibility: Not Good with Other Dogs 
Personality: High Energy, Somewhat Dominant 
Health: Spayed, Vaccinations Current 

     This animal is available to licensed rescue groups only.  Please do not enquire unless with a licensed rescue group. Mia is a 2.5 yr female Belgian Malinois, with lineage from police dogs in the Stockton Police Department. We live on a small farm and she was okay at first but has recently displayed a change in temperament, and has killed many livestock animals, despite large amounts of training and temperament modification training.

 Adoption Fee: $250 Animal Location:

Sacramento County Sacramento, CA MAP IT!

Mario Machado

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Rescue Me ID: 17-03-29-00396Frida (female)

Belgian Malinois    Age: Puppy

Compatibility: Good w/ Most Dogs, Not Good w/ Cats, Good w/ Kids and Adults 
Personality: High Energy, Somewhat Dominant 
Health: Spayed, Vaccinations Current 

    This little lady is 9 months old and came to us after being nearly run over by a car on the streets. We tried to find her owner but without success. She has since been given a clean bill of health by our vet, and she has been spayed and micro-chipped. She's an active dog who is looking for her an active family to give her a second chance.

 Adoption Fee: $350 Animal Location:

A Helping Hand For A Paw In Need
San Diego County Carlsbad, CA MAP IT!


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Rescue Me ID: 17-03-13-00357Molly Mae (female)

Belgian Malinois Mix    Age: Young Adult

Compatibility: Not Good with Other Dogs, Good with Adults (Not Kids) 
Personality: High Energy, Very Dominant 
Health: Spayed, Vaccinations Current 

    Is anyone interested in taking my babygirl? I cant do it anymore. she will be 2 next month. She has her shots and microchipped.she needs a home with older children or none at all. No other animals. She has protective issue but once she gets to know you shes okay. She needs a yard. Also someone who has time for her. Beimg I an apartment is not fair for her. Please help me find a good home for her. She comes with a dog house for outside a kennel whole bunch of toys treats also she has to shock collars a muzzle and leash with food also this is really Breaking My Heart she has been train in a program. she has her shots .

 Adoption Fee: $50 Animal Location:

Sacramento County carmichael, CA MAP IT!

jessi sullivan 9167967174

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Animal ID: great companionScooby super (male)

Belgian Malinois Mix    Age: Young Puppy

Compatibility: Good w/ Most Dogs, Good w/ Most Cats, Good w/ Kids and Adults 
Personality: High Energy, Somewhat Dominant 
Health: Neutered, Vaccinations Current 

    apply at Scooby is 5.5 months old and a big boy, weighs 55 pounds%A0 %A0most likely will be in the 90 to 100 pound range%A0 once full grown%A0 %A0This is a high energy pup looking for high energy folks that either run have a large fenced property or can keep him busy in other ways knows sit and lay down working on leash training doing super fully potty trained with good routine%A0 be ready to continue his training%A0 so he can blossom into a great adult dog he gets along great with the fosters dogs they both are older so can only tolerate him so long they do run and play together a bit but not ideal as he needs a younger ... (Read More)dog energetic like he is and his size there's a male and female dog however we think Scooby would do great as only dog as he likes to hog the spotlight he can have play dates once fully settled he follows foster mom everywhere and loves being a companion if you have a farm or ranch he would love to follow you helping you with chores besides running his energy off but he usually does not go far as he loves to ensure his person is close by In a city environment as long as you have plenty of time to exercise him in a large park have a large yard and lots of time for one on one he would be fine He's fostered in a regular neighbor hood here in the Redding area but more space or activity better for him His foster mom is not a spring chicken anymore he keeps her on her feet:) If you want a super duper smart pup that can keep up with you if you are as smart as he is and can keep up with him apply now he may be your match he's all the dog you will need he loves being near his people most of the day unless he's playing so will make a great companion dog a sidekick%A0 PLEASE no small dogs or old dogs at home that would be too much for them Scooby is a lot of dog and will require a experienced handler he%A0 is crate trained for when you must leave a few hours (after he has settled in)%A0 not looking to be crated much%A0 He's good in car back seat but of course at his young age will have to be reminded and foster mom likes him next to her in front seat to help her drive LOVES to speak to you and learning to be quiet when it's time%A0 he's a vocal dog so please only apply if that is a trait you love that is not something to be completely trained out as that is natural to him to talk to you grew up with kids ages 2 to 10 if kids prefer over 12 years, old enough to play and understand being kind and respectful%A0 but adult home peferred as any Shepherd person knows they are a herding breed and he used to like to herd the kids and when over excited does puppy nipping we are working on that and you will need to continue he's a smart boy and will learn quickly he is fine with either gender but seems to respect guys more so listens a tad better%A0 loves to explore nature chew on sticks and his big nayla bone that will come with him Loves running in sand, laying, digging in sand loves to play fetch and started to bring the ball back Scooby was never in a pound%A0 we know his history since a baby pup looking for a big fenced yard, ranch style or small farm ideal as a companion and protector for your family and home if acerage looking to have a secure fenced in area/yard until old enough and trained to roam a large acerage for his own saftey%A0 a stable home owner over the age of 30 years someone home during the day that has time to spend with him eager to teach him new things as he drives on mental stimulation as well as physical activities Scooby is a very active puppy so please be active too and have the time to train and fun times%A0 Scooby is very well cared for looking for someone that can take over where we leave off with the best care, love, training and leadership %A0and good structure%A0 he's not a beginners dog someone that has raised at least one pup and who has had a few large breed dogs themselves in their lives not a childhood dog A equally smart human and someone with lots of love a fair leader that truly understands dogs without crazy expectations but one that knows to guide and teach in a quiet respectful way he has been fine meeting fosters cat but you must have a dog savvy cat and know how to train and teach a dog to be ok with your cat as dog react differently to each cat in different homes Scooby is learning how to socialize in public%A0 Scooby would make a great country dog to help you do work on a ranch or farm as well as protect his family as long as there's lots of interactions not just in a fun way but a fun learning/training way He's only 5.5 months old but shows some protection qualities one looks for in a shepherd but not aggressive to any people but his large dog big bark he already has can scare the timid with his bark and his size Though Scooby gets along with fosters dogs he still has a ways to go to learn how meet and greet strange dogs see his full bio on our site (Less)

     Animal Location:

Save a dog today
Shasta County redding, CA MAP IT!

see site location REDDING CA

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Rescue Me ID: 17-03-09-00253SOPHIE (female)

Belgian Malinois Mix    Age: Young Adult

Compatibility: Good with Most Dogs, Good with Kids and Adults 
Personality: High Energy, Average Temperament 
Health: Spayed, Vaccinations Current 

    Beautiful, energetic female Malinois/German Shepherd mix looking for a new home---loves exercise and activity, would be great for someone or a family with an active lifestyle. Has had professional training which current owner would consider continuing for a local area adopter.

     Animal Location:

Orange County Capistrano Beach, CA MAP IT!

Susan Winslow 9494898210

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Rescue Me ID: 17-01-27-00088Bruno (male)

Belgian Malinois Mix    Age: Young Adult

Compatibility: Not Good with Other Dogs, Good with Most Cats 
Personality: High Energy, Submissive 
Health: Neutered, Vaccinations Current, Fearful/Anxious 

    I desperately need to find Bruno a home. He is about to be taken to the shelter. He is selective with people, but very protective and loyal. He needs training with trusting other people and dogs. I don't have very much time. I know he would get put down immediately, if he where to go to a shelter.

     Animal Location:

Los Angeles County Torrance, CA MAP IT!

Misty Tormo 3105294220

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Rescue Me ID: 16-12-07-00240DEXTER (male)

Belgian Malinois Mix    Age: Young Adult

Compatibility: Good with Most Dogs, Good with Kids and Adults 
Personality: Very High Energy, Submissive 
Health: Neutered, Vaccinations Current 


 Adoption Fee: $150 Animal Location:

Santa Barbara County Santa Barbara, CA MAP IT!

Rosalie Skefich 805-968-2112

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PIease Read Before Adopting a Belgian Malinois in California
    Belgian Malinois Dogs can make good pets in California if they match your IifestyIe. The Belgian Malinois is a large, dominant, intelligent, protective breed. The Belgian Malinois is usually used as a working guard dog. Malinois make good pets. They need to be with people and get enough attention or they can become destructive. Malinois should be socialized with children and other animals from an early age, and need to be watched around small non-canines. Malinois do best in cooler climates. Belgian Malinois are used to outdoor work, but can live in an apartment if they get plenty of daily exercise.

Rescue Me! - HeIpingAnimaIs in Need.
Belgian Malinois
lnteresting Belgian Malinois Trivia Low-Cost California Spay & Neuter Clinics
    Belgian Malinois are named after the Belgian city of Malines. Belgian Malinois are used for search and rescue. Belgian Malinois can pull sleds.

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